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Relocating to Lofoten

Bret Shandro enjoying some spring snow descending from Trollsadeln.

Bret Shandro enjoying some spring snow while descending from Trollsadeln.

Having been based in Stockholm for some 40+ years I thought it was time to try something new. Since early April I’m now residing in Lofoten in northern Norway. I’ve been here many times during the summer. The first visit was with my dad in 1981, hiking around the fishing villages of Kalle and Henningsvær. My climbing passion wasn’t born until ten years later, but maybe subconsiously it all began on that trip to Lofoten?

In 1994 I did my first climbing trip to Lofoten. Some things have changed since then. The free ”campsite” below Gandalfveggen is no longer the quiet place it was back then. Well, it is now, in the early spring, but in the summer it is usually very busy nowadays, and there are clear signs showing us that the presence of climbers is beginning to take its toll on the environment below Gandalfveggen. Some things are still the same though. The mountains are still just as beautiful, reflected as they are in the ocean at their feet. The rock is still of the same impeccable quality, but there are a lot more established routes to choose from nowadays.

I’ve also managed to sample some of the skiing here, although the past season hasn’t been the best according to the locals. Mind you, there might still be some interesting ski touring available out there. Now is the time for multiple activity days, with enough light to go climbing in the morning and then head for the hills for some ski touring in the evening.

Of course I’m not here on an extended vacation. I’m available for assignments both on and off the mountain, so please feel free to contact me if you have any ideas or if you need help realizing your visual communications projects.

Selfie on King Fisher, one of many high quality boulders in Lofoten.

Selfie while working King Fisher, one of many high quality boulder problems in Lofoten.