World Cup in Stockholm!

Since I now live a 10 minute walk from Stockholm’s alpine ski center at Hammarbybacken, I simply couldn’t miss the opportunity to shoot the Alpine Ski World Cup when it came to town this week. It was a great and exciting event with the two participating Swedes, Frida Hansdotter and Mattias Hargin, competing in front of an ecstatic home crowd. Both of them did really well, Frida finished fourth in the women’s competition and Mattias got to step up on the podium as number three in the men’s. Mikaela Shiffrin from the US won the women’s event while german skier Linus Strasser was number one among the men.

Shooting fast action sports is really fun, and indeed, these guys were fast! It was a great challenge but I was quite pleased with how some of the shots turned out. Here’s a small selection.

_DSC0662 _DSC0976 _DSC0952 _DSC0734 _DSC0673


_DSC0565 _DSC0639 _DSC0631

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